Insurance Coverage

Having been regularly retained for insurance coverage matters for over a decade, our attorneys fully recognize the issues of policy contract terms, party coverage obligations, statutory requirements and the effect of such issues on first and third party exposures. It is our goal, subject to conflicts, to provide our clients the widest view possible, of all the coverage risks, for all assigned exposures.

Our attorneys routinely evaluate coverage risks, bad faith, excess and reinsurance exposures, Texas Stowers’ demands, shifting coverage risk, seeking defense and indemnity for multiple available coverages, time on risk coverage determinations and as well as vast array of additional coverage considerations.

Cox PLLC’s attorney’s are hired at various times in the loss cycle, to evaluate coverage concerns, bad faith exposure or file declaratory actions. Whether such evaluations are initiated shortly after loss inception, in the midst of litigation, or even weeks prior to mediation or trial, we have the experience to timely and aggressively address your coverage concerns and defend bad faith actions.