We are very pleased to announce the promotion of attorney Lisa Yerger, to Partner, effective today.

Lisa joined our team last July, as a Senior Associate, with 10 years of legal experience. Since joining our firm, she has broadened her expertise in handling very serious losses, and has proven that she is a valued asset to our clients, who have expressed very positive feedback on her behalf.

We truly appreciate her diligence, integrity, grace and synergy, in her work product, and in her relationships with our team and clients.

“Ever since making the switch to defense work in 2014, I knew I loved the work, but thought practicing at an insurance defense firm could be different, better. This last year at Cox, I feel like I’ve finally found what I’ve been searching for—a firm with great people, interesting cases, a supportive team, effective technology and most importantly, firm values in alignment with my own. Having the flexibility to work remotely this past year has been truly life changing, and I’m grateful to be part of a team that was ahead of the curve on the “work from home” trend. I’m excited to continue serving our clients by obtaining great results and maintaining open communication. But I’m also looking forward to broadening my career path by focusing more on marketing and business development.” -Lisa Yerger

Congratulations, Lisa!

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